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Potty Problems

Leopard geckos are funny little animals. Many of them prefer to potty in the corner of their cages, and even better they almost always potty in the same spot. This makes cleaning up their mess much easier.

When we first got Waffle our leopard gecko, the kids made her a super cute hide out using legos and the cardboard box that contained the night vision lamp for the tank. A day later we looked in the box (which we had placed in the right-most corner of the tank) only to discover she had pooped in it. I regretted that I had not lined the box with paper towels so it would not have to be thrown away. Now we place a piece of white folded paper in the corner, about 4 or 5 inches long and she always goes potty on it. In this funny way leopard geckos act a lot like a cat, you can basically create a litter pan for them if you wanted.

hand made hide
Waffle’s first “litter pan”.

One very important thing to know about leopard geckos is that their poop can contain parasites, because wild animals naturally have a small load of parasites in their body. When the load becomes too heavy, the animal gets sick. Leopard geckos are often fed crickets. If the crickets are left in the cage and find the poop and eat it (ew!) which they TOTALLY will if left in there long enough, the gecko then eats the crickets and overloads them with parasites. You ARE what you eat, and we want to feed our geckos crickets and meal worms that have fed on nice healthy stuff. This means you want to get your leopard geckos food from a reliable source. If the crickets and worms are sick, then your leopard gecko can become sick too.

You can read more about it here  and here if you would like to find out more.

Best ways to avoid potty problems;

  1. Clean out the poop daily or every other day
  2. Keep your animals cage clean – change out paper towels and newspaper weekly, and thoroughly clean with warm water and mild soap at-least once a month
  3. Make sure the insects you feed your gecko are fed a healthy diet
  4. Clean out all the poop before placing feeding any crickets to your leopard gecko