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Leopard Gecko Changing Patterns

One interesting thing about Leopard Geckos is that their pattern changes as they grow from baby to adult. On our gecko Waffle, the white band she had around her neck has just recently changed with her last shed (she has shed twice in the last 5 weeks).

Leopard Gecko Bell Albino

In this photo taken a week ago she appears very orange and the band on her head is white with a bit of orange speckles and dark speckles. That is not a trick of the light it is really how much she changed. Her little tongue can be seen below, the pink spot on the end of her nose.

Leopard Gecko Orange Yellow

Here she is just a week later after a shed and her neck has faded about 50% away on her neck and her body suddenly looks more yellow.  Her little legs are suddenly less orange and more yellow as well. It will be fun to see how she changes as she grows.

Do leopard geckos sleep all day?

A question that everyone always asks is, if they are nocturnal does that mean they sleep all day and I will never see them? This is a great question and I think the answer probably depends on each leopard gecko. Maybe some do sleep all day, but our leopard gecko Waffle does not.

Sunglow Leopard Gecko
Waffle awake during the day.

I keep an eye on her some days to see what she does, and she sometimes can be found standing up on all four legs in her moist hide. In her dry warm hide, she tends to always lay on her belly, probably because of the heat. Just now I checked on her and found her asleep in her moist hide with her belly down and she is totally conked out asleep! It’s 4 in the afternoon here, sometimes she can be found with her little legs sprawled out totally relaxed and its very cute. I am planning to setup her tank so that I can get better pictures of her in these cute positions.

Albino Leopard Gecko

I’ve only caught her shedding once so far, and she shed in the middle of the day. Sometimes in the middle of the day she will come out of her hide to go potty, she does sleep a lot but she is certainly awake during the day at certain times. I read in a book that they like to hunt when the sun rises, and when the sun sets so I would imagine they may possibly sleep during the night as well, the only way to know would be to stay up all night and keep a log of their activity. If you’ve ever tried this please post a comment and let us know the results of your study!