Waffle 11 months old

Our Waffle is now about 11¬†months old and my goodness does she look different! She was SO TINY when we first brought her home. All of her stripes are nearly gone and she looks exactly as we hoped she would, a proper Albino Sunglow! She still has loads of orange in her tail and she’s pretty vibrant if you catch her in actual sunlight. We always have to photograph her by a lamp at night so you never get the full orange/yellow effect. She’s super sweet and much more tolerant of being handled now that she’s older.


She often seems what I would consider “bored” and will walk around her tank and try to climb the sides of it. Anytime she does this we take it as an invitation to play and we bring her out and let her crawl around a bit. She often settled on our hands and sits calmly and she also loves to climb. She still doesn’t seem to like her back touched but she’s calmer about it when we do. I don’t think lizards like you to “pet” them but its hard to resist the urge!

She still pops out mid-day to say hi when she’s in the mood and if you come up to her cage when she’s out she does not run away. When she hits her first birthday we would like to upgrade her to a larger tank to give her more to do! I have to say she barely eats it makes me a bit nervous but she has a nice fat tail and we always make sure it stays fat but this entire winter she barely ate. Its gotten warmer now and its about the same speed. I’ve read they can go “dormant” but based on her activity level I would say she is not.


We successfully went on vacation for 5 days and left her. I left a little meal worm tray with 6 worms in it she ate all but 1 and when we came back her water was empty and she came straight out and drank quiet a bit in front of us her little tongue coming out was so cute. I’ve gotten lazy and not given her crickets in months now. She frustrates me with how little she eats, about once or twice a week now but she seems happy and healthy, she sheds and poops so we can only assume she is well!

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