An update on Waffle our Leopard Gecko

Here is our lovely Waffle, doing great and very healthy! My 8yo enjoys sitting and reading a book with Waffle sitting on her shoulder or front of her sweater. ¬†She’s still eating small meal worms though I often “gut load them” by feeding them carrots and oatmeal and leaving their container out of the refreidgerator for a week and letting them grow a bit. I should probably get her the large ones but they creep me out.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.02.59 PM

Occasionally the kids seem to forget about her but she’s so low maintenance she is super easy to take care of, other times they want to hold her every day. She’s still super sweet and does occasionally make a interesting croaking noise. The kids say she’s fine but I think she’s mad when she makes the sound and its her saying she is done being handled and ready to go back to her house. She didn’t shed very much this winter (or I just missed seeing her shed) but I always make a point to look at her toes and make sure they are clear of any shed. She seems to take care of herself very well.

I’ve continued to give her tap water and she has not had any issue with it or shown any ill effects. Life with a Leopard Gecko is laid back and fun!


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