Your Shopping List

This is a list of the essentials, what you really need to get your Leopard Gecko setup to be happy and healthy from the start.

10 to 20 gallon glass tank with screen top 
Best purchased in a local store or on craigslist (clean it properly if its used!). More expensive online.

Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Under Tank Heater
Needed to create a warm zone underneath the tank.

Digital Thermostat for Heat Mats
This allows you to detect the exact temperature the heat mat creates under the tank and more importantly regulate it for you so you don’t have to do anything, maintenance free. It will turn the heater on and off to keep the surface at the temperature you set it to.

Reptile cave or hide
You will want to get 1 or 2 of these. This creates the most important spot for a leopard gecko to be able to “hide out” in. You can use plastic containers and things from around the house, you only have to get fancy if you want too.

Stuff to climb and hide under
You can get creative and use kids toys or look in all the isles at the pet store including the fish section and the hermit crab section. Make sure its nothing too tall that your gecko could fall off of.

The Leopard Gecko Manual
There are many outdated books on amazon, as of 2014 this is the most often recommended online.

Water or soda bottle caps
To place water, and calcium.

Filtered water
The safest water to give your leopard gecko.

Plastic/disposable container with a top
Cut a hole in the side, line it with a damp paper towel and you have a tried and true “moist hide” for your leopard gecko. You can also buy a fancy cave and place the same moist paper towel inside/under it and get the same effect. It should be about 6 inches  wide.

Repashy Calcium Plus
Your Leopard Gecko does not have access to the natural vitamins and minerals they would get in the wild from a wide variety of food and exposure to to elements. It’s very important Leopard Geckos who are kept as pets have access to Calcium. This can also be used to “dust” the crickets before a feeding.

Tank Stand
This is not essential, but you do need to make sure your tank is raised an inch from the surface it is on so the heat mat can work properly underneath. This was the cheapest tank stand we could find from a reputable seller. If you place the tank on a wooden surface make sure it is raised up enough on the corners to not be a fire hazard.

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